Cooperation agreement between Orange Charging and Autel

   Orange_Charging_Campagne_Autel gecomprimeerdThe Hague - Orange Charging and Autel conclude Benelux agreement for the sale and distribution of high-quality fast chargers.


Jasper Boogert, Managing Director at Orange Charging, is pleased with the partnership. "We noticed that the demand for high-quality fast chargers is rising tremendously. We conducted an extensive market analysis prior to this and were immediately impressed by Autel's product spec, quality and professionalism.

Autel has a unique, complete product range with modular fast chargers with charging capacities of up to 640kW. For example, the Autel DC Fast gives as much as 100 km range in 5 minutes with 480kW charging capacity. This is ideal for our customers with larger charging requirements. With Autel complementing our range, we can offer high-quality charging solutions for any business.''

Ting Cai, CEO of Autel Europe, is very pleased with the deal with Orange Charging. "Together with Orange Charging, we can serve the Benelux market perfectly. In both the Netherlands and Belgium, they have offices with training facilities for installers. They also have a strong sales organisation and a large network with customers in various industries. We can't wait to see what Orange Charging will contribute as a partner with our MaxiChargers and what we can do together to create a greener future for the world."

About Autel

Founded in 2004, Autel is 1 of the global leaders in vehicle diagnostic equipment. They operate in 70 countries and have developed an impressive range of fast chargers.


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