Help, our guests are increasingly driving electric

How to deal with leisure visitors who are increasingly coming to a park with their electric car? We have now gained quite a lot of experience with charging solutions at various recreation companies. We put things in perspective....

Orange Charging at Center Parcs Zandvoort

Last season, recreational park owners increasingly had to deal with visitors to their park who have electric cars. Hospitable as the leisure park owner should be, these guests are also welcomed with open arms. However, a number of challenges also immediately arise when the park does not have a number of charging points at the park. Cables are rolled out of cottages/caravans to charge the vehicle and soon 30 kWh per charge disappears into the recreation park visitor's vehicle. Not nice when, with today's electricity costs, you have rented out your cottage or camping pitch including electricity to the visitor!

There is also the risk of the park being (partially) put in the dark when several visitors have conceived the idea of charging their cars at the same time. Not to mention the safety risk, the home-charging cables get hot quickly because a huge amount of power goes through them!

"We want to do that differently next season" is therefore a common cry when we from Orange Charging get in touch with the leisure park owner.
Orange Charging is a total supplier of charging solutions and helps leisure parks turn their electric charging challenges into an opportunity! Orange Charging's first steps date back several years. Center Parcs recognised the increasing use of electric driving and saw its guests increasingly coming to their parks in electric cars.

Orange Charging has provided Center Parcs' parks with central charging points in operational form.

This means that although Center Parcs offers the facility to its guests, the entire investment is made by Orange Charging. All the benefits but not the costs, it sounds too good to be true! Many other leisure parks have since followed this good example and have also had charging stations from Orange Charging installed via this concept!

Orange Charging is prepared to invest in charging facilities at recreation parks and because they do the operation, the park is totally relieved of the burden. They offer their guest the facility and Orange Charging takes care of the rest. Electric drivers are also increasingly choosing their holiday destination based on the presence of charging facilities at the park. Surely you would like to continue to welcome these guests?

To talk to interested parties, we will be present at the Recreatie Vakbeurs in Hardenberg again this year. From 14 to 16 November 2023, Orange Charging's expert team will be on hand to explain what options are available to make your park ready for guests with electric transport next season too.

Check out our Center Parcs project here.

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Recreatie Vakbeurs | 14, 15 & 16 november 2023

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