Center Parcs

Holiday resorts

At Center Parcs, you can charge!

What a luxury, staying overnight and enjoying all the beauty of the Center Parcs resorts while being able to charge your car.

Which chargers can be used?

At Center Parcs' resorts, we have mainly installed  AC Duo chargers. The resorts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are equipped with charging facilities.
So feel free to get into your electric car and head abroad. There are plenty of charging facilities. 
You can charge up to 22 kWh at each charging point. Fantastic!

All charging cards are accepted by the Ecotap charging stations, which is of course very convenient. Ecotap has developed an app where all charging stations can be viewed. In addition, you can charge by yourself by using the app, so you no longer have to use a pass.Download here the Ecotap App! 

Charging prices
On the website you can find our current charging prices.

Where can you find the chargers?

The Netherlands:
Center Parcs the Eemhof  (Chargers are at the Factory)
Center Parcs Heijderbos 
Center Parcs Zandvoort
Center Parcs Kempervennen (The chargers are at Parking A, B and C). 
Center Parcs Port Zelande 
Center Parcs Huttenheugte
Center Parcs Meerdal
Center Parcs Limburgse peel

Center Parcs Les Ardennes
Center Parcs Erperheide
Center Parcs Vossemeren
Center Parcs Haan 

Center Parcs Bostalsee
Center Parcs Eifel
Center Parcs Allgau
Center Parcs Bispinger heide
Center Parcs Nordseekuste


Watch our short introduction recorded at Port Zelande park below.

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