Switch Charging

Gas station Sakko Standdaarbuiten

Unique charging through Switch Charging.

Charging without grid reinforcement, doesn't that sound great?

It is possible! Meet Switch Charging. 

Tell us, what exactly do you guys do?

"Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular, so the demand for (fast) charging stations is also increasing. Installing a (fast) charge station at your company or petrol station is customer-friendly and can be very profitable, but also involves an investment. Switch Charging is the total solution for bridging the period until your grid reinforcement is completed, but it is also ideal for testing your location for potential capacity before making large investments in (quick) charge stations and the associated grid reinforcement.

Switch Charging provides temporary (fast) charging facilities for electric charging. It is a plug-and-play (fast) charging solution with lease-based financing using a mobile battery container and fast charging stations. Do you already own charging stations? Then it is also possible to only lease the battery.

If required, Switch Charging can also be used for other applications where energy storage is a solution." - Switch Charging

Switch Charging vs Orange Charing
Our collaboration is seamless. We supply the (fast) charger and Switch Charging supplies the charger with power by placing the battery container. Perfect for examining the site to see if it is suitable before making any major investments.

Where is the battery container located?
The battery container is located in Standaardbuiten on the Markweg, exit A17, near the
Sakko gas station. A fast charger DC60 has been placed there. 

Charging prices
On the website www.oplaadpunten.nl you can find our current charging prices. 

Didi 't Hart Project manager | Orange Charging B.V.

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