Parking 's Hertogenbosch


Charging in parkings within the city of 's Hertogenbosch.

The municipality of 's Hertogenbosch has issued a tender for the installation of charging facilities in parkings within the beautiful city.

This tender was won by Orange Charging (YES!). In July 2021 there were 26 wall chargers of the brand Ecotap installed in several parkings, including at StationspleinWolvenhoek, St Josephstraat,Visstraat and the St Jan.

Sustainable mobility is high on the agenda of municipality of  's Hertogenbosch. We think this is great and are pleased with our cooperation. This beautifully historic city, with all these charging facilities, is taking big steps to encourage electric driving.

Check out our website, for fun getaways, while your car fills up in one of the parkings in the meantime.

"In collaboration with parking management, we were able to realise this project. To install the chargers, some parking spaces had to be kept clear for several hours. You organised the barriers perfectly!"

Didi 't Hart, Project manager.

Didi 't Hart Project manager | Orange Charging B.V.

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