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The increasing use of hybrid and electric cars also means that there is, and will be, an increase in demand for charging stations. Owner associations are also increasingly faced with this. Building a future-proof charging infrastructure to meet this demand requires high investments and a lot of knowledge. In general, these are major challenges faced by AOOs. Until now!

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Investment-free with market-based charging rate

Orange Charging is a specialist in charging facilities and offers AOOs the opportunity to install charging stations at desired locations without investment. We manage the entire process from inventory and installation to maintenance and service. With these special AOO charging stations, we offer the possibility of charging users only at a market-based rate for the kWh used, while we take care of the costs of the required charging infrastructure. Sounds good right?

A transparent process:

With the 'plug & play' concept, Orange Charging lays a loop at no cost to which the AOO charging stations can be connected immediately, or later in the future. An agreement is drawn up with the AOO on investments, charging rates and volumes, maintenance and duration. All according to a transparent process:

  • A specialist from Orange Charging assesses the car park and provides advice.
  • We draw up an agreement together. Clear and without small print.
  • Orange Charging lays a loop and installs the chargers.
  • Future charging stations will be added free of charge.


We believe it is important to stay involved, even after installation. That is why we are available 24/7 for users of the AOO charging stations and provide periodic maintenance.

Easy and safe

Are there concerns about fire safety? Especially in (underground) car parks? Let us reassure you. We deliberately work with Ecotap's charging stations: one of the market leaders in charging solutions for electric transport. These chargers are thermally protected, which means the charging stations automatically switch off at internal temperatures above 67 degrees Celsius. In such a case, the connected vehicles are disconnected and de-energized at all times. This also automatically activates the earth leakage switches, and eventually the internal main fuses.

The steel casing of our charging bollards plays an important role in fire safety. Thus, in case of collision, the electrical facilities remain protected, and should the internal cabling melt and buckle, the steel housing ensures that the fuses respond accordingly. In the event of an actual fire (internal/external), the steel enclosures are built to retain their water resistance for as long as possible and can be cooled normally with extinguishing agents. All to ensure a safe living environment.

Electric charging. We make it easy!

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