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The Fire service of Twente is preparing to electrify their vehicles.

Recently, the number of electric cars on the road has grown enormously. This will continue in the coming period, especially when you consider that by 2025, new leased cars will no longer be allowed to be powered by fossil fuels. According to the EU, by 2035 all new cars must be electric or hydrogen-powered and the Netherlands would actually like to implement this as early as 2030. What is certain is that the number of electric vehicles will continue to grow steadily.

Fire brigade transport vehicles are also gradually becoming electric. Even very shortly when it comes to passenger transport vehicles. Due to the expiry of lease terms and/or depreciation periods, we are also seeing more electric cars at fire stations.

Fire brigade Twente has been actively working on this. Harald Aarnink, Maintenance & Technology Team Leader at Twente fire brigade, started gathering information about electric driving and electric charging. For the latter, he got in touch with Eric van Voorthuizen of Orange Charging. In an initial team meeting, Eric, Commercial Manager at Orange Charging, explained the possibilities and impossibilities of installing charging stations at the Twente fire brigade's barracks and the things they should take into account. The good contact and mutual desire to take up this project quickly resulted in a round of inspections. The Orange Charging installation team visited four locations in Twente to look at the possibilities. They looked at the possibilities with regard to the electrical installation, the best way to run the cable route and the best place to eventually install the charging stations. Shortly after this inspection round, Twente fire brigade received two offers per location, one for the purchase of the charge stations and one for their installation.

Orange Charging holds its own stock of Ecotap branded charging stations and is therefore able to deliver quickly. With a flexible installation team, this allows the project to be completed successfully. Initially, the locations Hengelo-Centrum, Enschede Spaansland, Enschede Noord and the Twente Safety Campus (former Twente Airport) were also equipped. Meanwhile, a second round has taken place and the locations Tubbergen and Wierden have also been equipped with Ecotap's high-quality charging stations. The electrician who built the new Fire Station in Almelo, Lammerink Installatiegroep, also installed charging stations supplied by Orange Charging at this location.

In this way, the Fire Brigade Twente is making a good start by facilitating electric charging for their staff and volunteers, in addition to their own company vehicles. By setting up the back office system properly, the Twente Fire Service does not have to worry about the final settlement of these transactions. Orange Charging would like to get in touch with other safety regions to apply the expertise it has gained for them too.

''By investing in electric vehicles now, the Twente Fire Brigade will be able to comply with the European (Clean Vehicles Directive) from 2025. By switching to emission-free vehicles immediately, we will also meet the 2030 target.''
- Harald Aarnik
Teamleader Maintenance and Technical at Fire Brigade Twente

- Eric van Voorhuizen, Commercial manager | Orange Charging B.V.

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